Greeters and Ushers

Leader: Doug, Andee Swoyer


Four people each Sunday serve as greeters to warmly welcome members and guests to our service. two are stationed just inside the sanctuary doors, and hand out the printed bulletins. The remaining two greeters are stationed at the rear door and side door. They provide a warm welcome and will assist as needed. Name tags are available, and should be worn by all greeters.

Communion Ushers:

Two people are required to be communion ushers, first Sunday of the month, or any special communion service. As Pastor and Deacon are serving each other their communion, the ushers take position at the front of the side isles. As the Pastor and Deacon complete their exchange of the sacraments, ushers should send up the first group of 8 people from each side. After the Pastoral Blessing, the next group should be sent up, attempting to keep the procedure flowing. Note is to be taken of any needing communion at their seat (Inform Deacon). Don't forget the AV team. Ushers take communion as part of the last group to go forward.